Blogging for Success at QA

Blogging is a way to record your ideas and thoughts during the learning process. It can help you to 'think out loud' and to show that you are exploring and developing new ideas.
Blog about what you have achieved each lesson in IT. Discuss the problems you had, the ideas you came up with and the solutions you found.
You can also comment on other peoples blogs and interact with members of the class online.This may be to help them solve problems, give encouragement and suggest resources and ideas.

Are you stuck for something to write about? Try using the 'Six Thinking Hats' by Edward de Bono. Choose one or two hats and wear them when you blog.

external image 08_image_wt.jpg
The White Hat is cold, neutral, and objective. Take time to look at the facts and figures. This hat calls for information to be delivered.
external image 08_image_rd.jpg
The Red Hat represents anger (seeing red). Take time to listen to your emotions, your intuition. When wearing this hat express your emotions and feelings and share likes and dislikes.
external image 08_image_bk.jpg
The Black Hat is gloomy and negative. Take time to look at why this will fail. Spot the difficulties and dangers, where things might go wrong.
external image 08_image_yl.jpg
The Yellow Hat is sunny and positive. Take time to be hopeful and optimistic.
external image 08_image_gr.jpg
The Green Hat is grass, fertile and growing. Take time to be creative and cultivate new ideas. Focus on creativity, possibilities and alternatives.
external image 08_image_bl.jpg
The Blue Hat is the color of the sky, high above us all. Take time to look from a higher and wider perspective to see whether you are addressing the right issue. Think about your thinking, why you made decisions, why you made choices.