Grade 10 Semester 2

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Working on the Horizon Project

Horizon Project 2008 wiki
Horizon Project 2008 Ning

Week starting June 1

Congratulations for making it ot the end (almost) of the Horizon Project 2008!!
This week we are tidying up, reflecting, evaluating and making sure all online spaces are tidy and ready for final assessment.

There are two main tasks to do this week -
  • Writing your reflection/evaluation and posting it to the ning and to you blog
  • Completing the post-project survey

Here is the rubric for the first task taken from the Horizon Project 2008 Rubrics wiki

Criterion D: Reflection and Evaluation

The reflection, in written or oral form, could:
  • Discuss the main social and ethical issues related to the topic and weigh up the main ideas
  • Propose ways to improve the student's performance and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the project
Descriptor (for maximum marks)
The work does not meet the standard described in level 1-2 or the essay exceeds the suggested word limit.
Some attempt has been made to discuss and evaluate the main social and ethical issues related to the topic. There is evidence of some analysis of the project from a personal viewpoint. The reflection includes proposals for personal improvement and a few suggestions for enhancing work for this type of project. There is some attempt to cite references, and use tagging and hyperlnks.
Discussion and evaluation of the main social and ethical issues related to the topic is comprehensive. A high level of analysis of the project from a personal viewpoint is evident. The reflection includes proposals for personal improvement and well considered suggestions for enhancing work for this type of project. All references are cited and tagging and hyperlinks are used appropriately.

Week starting May 25

Student Summit in Elluminate

Elluminate URL
On Wednesday this week we will be online in a virtual conference room using Elluminate and each of you will present for 2-3 minutes on your work. We will also probably have international guests in the room with us.

Practice for Summit

Practice for the summit. It may take 5-10 minutes to open Elluminate and get into the room. You can use your laptop or a class desktop.
Here are examples from the Flat Classroom Student summits.

Preparation for Summit

You are to prepare the following ready to present on Wednesday:
  • One image / PowerPoint slide: this is to have representative text and images
    • This is to be saved as a .JPG and uploaded to the Ning BEFORE the start of Wednesday's lesson
  • Answers / comments to these questions:
    • What is significant about your topic?
    • What is your video trying to communciate?
    • A particular positive experience you had while doing the project

Class Podcasts

Reflection #1: HP so far and response to Don Tapscott's keynote.

Week starting May 11 and May 18: Video production

Over this week and next week your focus must be on productin your own, personal video in response to your topic and sub-theme.

Make sure you read very carefully Video Specifications including the instructions for submitting video and Video numbering and make sure your final video is listed in the same format on the Master Video List.

Remember that your video must be: 1) uploaded to the Ning, 2) submitted on your main wiki page with the template and 3) posted on the master list of videos page (this is where you get your video number).

The instructions have the detail. Please follow these so that we may manage all of the videos.

Also, when you watch the videos on the ning, you are encouraged to give each video you watch a rating of 1 to 5 stars so that the best videos will emerge as rated by us on the Ning. Great work and keep going ... the end is in sight!

Wednesday Workshop

I encourage you to come to our video making workshop next Wednesday (May 21) after school. I will be here until 5pm and ready to help with any questions or issues you are having completing the video.
DEADLINE for video submission is Thursday May 22!

Please note that for assessment for this work as MYP Technology I need to see you working on your product (wiki editing and video creation) in class. If I do not see the work in class I cannot authenticate it as your work, therefore it may not receive the grade it possibly deserves. You must take this seriously as it is an MYP requirement and a requirement for my class.

Good luck! I look forward to seeing your completed video work!

Week starting May 4

If you have not put in a request for an outsourced video clip by May 5 then it will be too late.
Your focus now is to continue editing the team wiki, to help create outsourced video to send to partners and also to be completing your own video.
Here is our class timetable for this:
  • Wiki editing is ongoing, I will be doing final assessment on this just before I write your report in the first week of June
  • Outsourced video clips must be uploaded by May 12
  • Your video must be completed and uploaded by Thursday May 22

How will you get the video done??
You MUST be organised and have a clear storyboard!
You MUST spend time working with Windows Movie Maker and Camstudio (the latter is optional)
You are invited to after school workshops on the next 2 Wednesdays (May 14 and May 21). I will be here from 2.30-5.00 and will help you with technical and other issues in order to get this project completed.

This is now THE MOST intense time for the project. You must put in extra effort in order to be successful.

Camstudio Download
Camstudio Tutorials

Week starting April 27

New videos on Video Specification wiki that will explain EXACTLY how and what for outsourced video and you rown finished piece of multimedia.
I am setting an assessment deadline for the start of next week for EVERYONE in this class.

HERE a list of what I require to be handed in as HARD COPY and what I require to see ONLINE.
This is an important milestone in this course for this class only, it does not relate specifically to our partner classrooms.
If you have been keeping up with all work this will not be a problem for you.

On Sunday May 4 I need hard copy handed to me of the following:
  • Your max. 400 word outline of topic background (this should also be on your blog on
  • Your response to the keynote by Don Tapscott (this should also be on your blog on the Ning and on
  • Your final description/outline and storyboard for your video (note: I will accept draft outlines on Wednesday April 30, give feedback and then receive the final on Sunday)
  • Online I must see the following completed by Sunday:
    • Evidence that you have communicated with your team members and PM
    • Evidence that you have contributed meaningful content to your team wiki page
    • Evidence that you have contributed to discussions on the wiki (please make sure i know YOUR user name) and you are collaborating with team members

A letter from Mrs Lindsay

This message was sent via the Ning on Wednesday April 30

Well done everyone for getting through the podcast today! I was very proud of you all!

OK, now, take those ideas you started and work with them between now and Monday.
I need to see in class the following:
- A descriptive outline of your proposed video
- a segmented 'storyboard' showing the order and detail of what your video will contain
- a clear request(s) for outsourced video

PLEASE try to be adventurous with this and have fun as well. I see that there are already many requests on the outsourced video request wiki for pics of mobile phones, computers etc. Why not be more adventurous?? Here are some suggestions -
- think of a storyline and frame your video to relate an incident, an event
- think of something futuristic, or perhaps a 'now and in the future' scenario and provide examples from around the world (well, 2 different countries at least
- think of a way to feature the internationalism of your topic and raise cultural awareness by focusing on differences and/or similarities in classrooms or other areas

Don't be afraid to ask for something outrageous as long as it is doable. EG one of our schools is in New York....why not ask for a pic of someone doing something near a famous landmark eg taking a photo, texting a message, dressed up in a futuristic way talking to someone while waiting for their flying car to arrive....haha.
You need to set up the scene and put the words into peoples mouths as well, otherwise you may not be happy with what is sent to you.

Try to get to the essence of what your topic is all about. Hone in on key words eg ubiquitous, collaborative, grass-roots and try to represent these in your work.


NOW is the time to really planning and scheming....

Good Luck!
Also, please Ning me over the weekend and I will help more!

Mrs Lindsay

Week starting April 14

You are to be moving into solid wiki work in teams, watching and responding to the Keynote and preparing for your multimedia artifact as per the Video Specifications.
Internal class deadlines:
  • Wednesday April 16 (this should have been done before the Spring break already) - Final blog post for assessment on Topic background [Give a solid overview that could stand alone in wikipedia on this topic. What is it? How does it relate to education? What are the major trends? This background/summary has a suggested word count of UP TO 400 words. Absolutely no plagiarism is tolerated -- if you quote a source, cite the source at the bottom of the page and put it in quotes. You are writing for a general audience and all terminologies should be clearly explained.]
  • Ongoing for assessment - Use the discussion tab of your team topic wiki for specific topic and wiki development-based discussion. I need to see interaction and conversation related specifically to the topic in question. I also need to see cooperation and collaboration occurring between you and your partners re adding content to the wiki pages.
  • Monday April 21 - Blog post as a response to the Keynote by Don Tapscott. In class on Monday we will record a podcast of our class discussing your responses to the keynote, so come in prepared with points you wish to make.

Multimedia Artifact

Also observe the Project Timeline for deadlines: outsourced video requests and delivery of video to partners.
You only have TWO WEEKS to plan your video/multimedia artifact and request outsourced content.
Internal class deadlines: (please note try to work ahead of the deadlines)
  • Wednesday April 23 - draft outline of video, including sketched storyboard, to be handed in (hard copy)
  • Monday April 28 - final blog post detailing requirements for outsourced video

Getting Started with Horizon Project 2008


RSS: Really Simple Syndication
What is RSS? Watch this video: RSS in Plain English

Watch these Web 2.0 tutorials from Atomic Learning (to login ID: qataracad PW: doha), especially the ones about RSS.
Set up your own RSS feed aggregator. Use Bloglines, Protopage, PageFlakes, NetVibes or iGoogle

Wiki Wonderland!

Now is the time to become used to adding content, editing and using other features of a wiki.
Use this free wiki HPSandbox to practice. Make sure you can do the following with the wiki:
  • Create a new page
  • Add text, add a table, add a table of contents
  • Upload an image or a file
  • Embed a video (eg YouTube)
  • Embed other widgets eg audio introduction
  • Start a discussion, add a comment to a discussion
  • Use the wikispaces HELP wiki for more ideas and skills

Now go to the Horizon Project 2008 wiki and send a request to Join this Space. You will need to become a memebr of wikispaces first, then you cna request to join. Your request will need to be approved by an administrator (me) before you can edit or add to the project wiki.
The groups you will be working in are to be created by next week. Then you can get started on research and adding information to the wiki.

Joining the Ning

A Ning is a social networking Web 2.0 tool. The Horizon Project 2008 Ning is where all teachers and students will interact and communicate to do with the project. It is through the Ning you will get to know your partners and add comments and upload resources eg your audio introduction.

Audio Introduction

Every student will create an audio introduction to introduce themselves to the other students in the project. This should be about 1 minute in length. Use Audacity software, export as an MP3 file ready to upload. Watch video tutorials about how to use Audacity on Atomic Learning. The login information is - ID: qataracad PW: doha
Use these questions as a guide to record your short audio introduction to put on the Ning.
  • Explain who you are, where you live and what school you go to
  • Tell a little about what life is like where you live
  • Tell a little about what you do at school, for a hobby etc
  • Share your ideas for the project:
    • how do you think you will cope collaborating with students in other countries?
    • what will be the advantages?
    • what will be the disadvantages?
    • what new skills will you need to learn to be able to do this project?

Audio Recording Task (to be completed by the end of February)
  1. Use the software and guidelines above and record a 1-2 minute audio introduction. (Make sure you can hear what you are saying and that there is no loud music or sounds preventing your message coming across). You can see examples from the last project at the Flat Classroom Ning.
  2. Save it as an Audacity file, then Export is as an MP3 file.
  3. Join and upload your MP3 introduction.
  4. Go to the page of this upload and you will find HTML code that can be embedded into your blog.
  5. Start a new blog post and discuss how you created your introduction. Embed the HTML code using the 'Edit HTML' tab in The code should start with <embed src=
  6. This is what it will look like once you have it on your blog. You will need to go to Preview to see the actual widget.

Research Introduction

  • Choose one of the 6 topics from the Horizon Report: Grassroots video, Collaboration Webs, Mobile Broadband, Data mashups, Collective intelligence, Social operating systems.
  • Use the tagging standards listed here, research the topic and bookmark on delicious at least 6 websites that would help you understand or create a project about the topic.
  • Create a new blog post, hyperlink to each of the 6 or more resources and briefly describe why this is a good resoruce for the topic.

Tagging Standards

Using, anyone may catalog and send websites for analysis to the students and participants in this project.
2008 tagged items

Web 2.0 Tools for Online Learning and Collaboration

Social Bookmarking

Watch this video to get started: Social Bookmarking in Plain English

Set up your own account with delicious and bookmark all of the good resources you find.
Read through this blogpost on how to use delicious and watch the embedded videos for more tips.


Watch this introduction to blogging video.
Set up an account with
Read this wiki page on Blogging for Success.

The Horizon Report

The Horizon Report 2008 is available ffor donwload from the New Media Consortium. This report predicts the major technology trends in college education in the next 1-5 years.

The Trends

In addition to analyzing the MetaTrends of the last 5 years, this report outlines the major emerging technologies for college level education in the next 5 years including:

1 year or less
  • Grassroots Video
  • Collaboration Webs
2-3 years
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Data Mashups
4-5 years
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Social Operating Systems

Horizon Project Background

User Created Content by Sourov S (ISD) with Arts, Entertainment and Leisure (Wiki B + C)
Social Networking by Kristina T (SAS) with Employment (Wiki B)
Mobile Phones by Atif S (ISD) with Education (Wiki A)
Virtual Worlds by Albert P (VIS) with Politics and Government (Wiki B)
New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication by Omar C (ISD) with Education (Wiki A)
Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming by Derek from SAS and runner up David B (VIS) with Health see MMEG D